Tunisia Thread Texture Explanation

1st row: Pull the chain as desired with the crotch tip.

2nd row: collect on the spit, as long stitches on each chain drawn in the first row. The number of chains on the spit will stitch up.

3rd row: the long loops made in the second row backwards, knit together with the individual chains to the row. Thus, at the end of the second and third row, there will be one line of tunisia.

4th row: gather the long stitches from the second row of stitches as long loops.

5th row: repeat the third row exactly.
Repeat the fourth and fifth sequence for the next sequence.

Blankets: Pull 152 chains from the cream-colored yarn with a three-and-a-half crocheted spit. Follow the description of Tunisian lace knitting and continue the knitting.

When twill twelve tunes are twisted from the beginning, keep knitting by following the table for color, stitch and number of rows. Once you have applied the color chart, finish twisting twine twine twine with cream yarn over all the loops.


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