Traditional Towel Border Models

new ring towel
new ring towel

Towel edge examples are lace braids that are among the indispensable items of dowries, carrying our traditional lace up to now until 2018.

The needlework, ring towel edges or crocheted white lace towel edges that decorate the edges of the towels with different motifs are still used today.Interest in needlework is now increasing considerably. Many courses and different training areas have begun to open. This makes us happy, day-to-day, as a pinnacle enthusiast.

We would like to thank the handmade laborers who worked with elegance and fine workmanship and who did not waste their labor and who made the edges of the beautiful towels as a work of art, and we suggest you examine the beautiful examples of towel edges we have added to our galleries. If you have examples of towel edges or you have seen the examples on the internet, you can share them with us by writing in comments.

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