The showcases, which are part of the living room or living room, are adorned with nice and beautiful showcase sets. These room lounges, which are generally lace, can be created with needlework, beadwork, scarf or other handmade work.

Today we have fashioned the most beautiful showcase models among the most admired pieces of desserts for you. Before we go to our picture gallery, we want to mention some general information …

When we look at the display cases as a whole, it is used in two ways. In the first use, showcase napkins are being put into the showcase and used in that way. This type of display cupboards usually consist of one piece, oval or rounded models.

When showcase napkins are used in modern built houses, it is generally settled in this way. In the second usage form, more motifed and square shaped display napkin models are preferred. The reason for this is that some of the napkin is hanging downwards in triangular shape during use.

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