New Fiber Samples and Video Recipes


We have prepared a bunch of fiber models for you, both for your dowry and for the use of most of the fibers.

We have also added a very beautiful dowry fiber production to the bottom of the pictures as detailed in the video. Slide the page and see for yourself, if you like, do not wait, start immediately.

We have assembled old and new model fibers together. We have prepared for the people who respect the past and want to rehabilitate their elders with their braids.

The latest fashion new fiber models come for those who want to add new fibers to their dowry or bath and want to change the soap dispenser.

Not only these, but also those who want to see the different and beautiful fibers can look at the fiber models from here. Watch the video below in detail and then take the necessary steps. I hope you will like it.

Dewey Bud Bud Model Explanation

Butterfly Spring Fiber Model Making

Uzun Çiçekli Lif Modeli Anlatımlı Yapılışı

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