Narrative Colored Baby Blanket Example


Today we have prepared a very nice and fun narrative for you. Let’s go immediately to the construction of the blankets you will use both your baby and yours. Easy baby crib model for babies, Explained by pictures. A colorful and beautiful baby blanket that you can sample without difficulty.

Colorful Baby Blankets First we chain in the length we want in the beginning and then we make 6 fillings. (with double handrails). Then we make 5 pads in the next hole, then we go to the other hole and continue.

After we have done 6 fillings, we break 5 holes and go to 6th hole.

Again 6 fillings, and again 5 holes in the bore so that our sample is set up. Thats it! I hope you will do this for your baby from this beautiful blanket and you will prevent her from getting cold during the cold winter days.

I guess it’s better understood from the picture.

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