Knitted Glove Fiber Examples


Today we will design very beautiful and flashy things with you again. The most important ornaments of our bathrooms and the fibers that we use when we are in the bathroom are among the first knitting patterns of knitting ladies starting to knit.

A variety of fiber models are woven, but the fibers that make me the most pleasing and most convenient to use are glove fiber models.

Thanks to the glove fibers, soap does not slip from your hand, you can easily and make your bathroom.

We continue our fiber samples with new glove fiber models. Fibrous glove fibers with ring, flowered ribbon, are among the stylish and acclaimed fibers that can be embroidered as dowry fibers.

For more varied fibers, you can go to the “60 fiber model” topic. You can look at our fiber samples category to get different colored fibers we have published up to now.

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