braided-and-a-baby-jacket-hat sample
braided-and-a-baby-jacket-hat sample

Ladies, hooded baby vest models are among the indispensable models of the winter season. The hooded knitted vest models, which are the savior of every baby and naturally every mother, are a very useful model in terms of immediate dressing after sleeping, dressing out and dressing in cold weather.

Since the hood is more practical than the chin with the vest, it does not disturb the babies wearing it. A further advantage is that it does not have the property of being pinching. Except for the small hooded vest models.

The hooded vest model is suitable for both male and female infants. It is also a model that is easy to learn when it is knitted, and it is an enjoyable model for those who already know the knit.

The hooded baby mare does not cause any discomfort to the baby when the baby is in a lying position. We hope you like them!

braided-and-a-baby-jacket-hat sample
braided-and-a-baby-jacket-hat sample

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