Hem-stitch Example With Two Bottles


Dear ladies, this time I publish the production of female hem-stitch example with two swollen. You will be quite pleased with this braid that is both easy to do and appeal to the eye

The lower part and the edges are woven as a harsoza. In the upper part, pink color is hem-stitch. The sides of the paddle were maintained as a pink gray with two colors. If you do not like the color, you can try other colors too. Its totally up to you.

A very different and elegant model can be embroidered as a dowry. Not only can you prepare for your dowry, but also to sell your friends or neighbors. There is no doubt about their liking. It’s pretty simple, as you can see.


The blueprints describe the production of the canvas in detail in his videos. By watching the video you can prepare yourself in this fashion quite quickly.

video source : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCb0R1ss3udfixvKhdQ9RAaQ

In our article titled Knitted Glove Fiber Examples which was our previous article, information about fiber model ve glove fibers is given.

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