Examples of needlework headband edge and its construction

Examples of needlework headband edge and its construction

As well as the difficulty of making needlework headband edge, it also comes to the forefront with its casual models. It is one of the traditional handicrafts that women come together with their neighbors in the winter months to compete with each other to make conversation and make the most beautiful needlework.

We added new pinhole headscarf models to our gallery. Most of you have already seen or done it before, but it can work for those that have not been tried before.

I hope the young ladies who are in the dowry preparation get a sample of what they liked from the elaborate, flowery needles, and little help in completing the missing things in their gaze. Because they are doing their best preparation and we are very happy that we have contributed to this preparation.

We have added 54 visual needleworks and 3 detailed dowry needlework structures to our website. I hope you like it

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