Made-to-cloth sack decorative models16
Made-to-cloth sack decorative models16

Batch jute fabric, also called telis cloth, is a very wide range of fabrics which are used to make decorative purposes for rare occasions.

American service with sack cloth, door trim, flower, wedding ceremony, pillow, wallet, runner, pillow, curtain can be made. Even jars, glasses, candle holders, bottles, flower pots, baskets and many other kitchen products can be used for decoration purposes.

When the white strip comes together with lace, tulle, fleece fabric, buttons, ribbons and other materials, there are magnificent decorative ornaments.

What is done from a sack cloth? I searched a bit. I wanted to publish a video or narrative example. Unfortunately, I was only able to find the door trim from the bag. I will share it with you in my next writing.

Now I leave you alone with beautiful decorative ornaments made of jute fabric. If you have such beautiful products, do not forget to share with us.

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