Colorful Very Simple Towel Edge Preparation


Dear ladies, I publish very colorful towel flying patterns for kitchen towels or all other towels. I hope you enjoy it and use it cheerfully

The crocheted 4-lantern with 3-chain, 4-lantern with 3-chain, and the model is made very fast and can be finished. You will impress everyone who sees with this beautiful thing you can prepare for your loved ones and your dowry.

The uppermost lashes are made. At the bottom, chain filling can be made like the one shown in the picture, but it can be done in only a few rows.

As a gift towel model it is very suitable and elegant. There is a very successful channel on these issues. You can look at the videos below.


This video has a very detailed and beautiful narration. I hope you like. Do not forget to comment and share your views. And it will only take a few minutes. See you

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