Colorful Baby Blanket Model


For my little babies, I publish my cute motifed baby blanket pattern and illustrated pattern in my favorite colors. As you can see from the pictures, it is very simple, with a baby blanket that you can easily learn even those who do not know. I hope your baby will get warm with these beautiful blankets during these cold winter days.

How it works: It’s roughly 100 x 100 in size. It can also be used comfortably. I pictured the construction of the middle part. You start as many chains as you want.

During the turn, six chains are pulled and a pole is made. Three chains are pulled and three fillings are made on the pole.

The bottom chain is made and a pole is made, then three chains are drawn on it and three fillings are made. Carefully examine the following illustrations. Pretty simple and handy. Moreover, it also appeals to the audience.




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