Color-eggs-in-shell candle-making
Color-eggs-in-shell candle-making

In summer, we publish a candlestick-making project from egg shells, which will be a good hobby for our children to appreciate their leisure time. Children will have a lot of fun, as well as decorating candle holders that are simple enough to run their minds and create different ideas.

Materials for making candle holders from eggshell
Egg parcel
Tealight candle
Water paint for dying


We first pierce the shells of the eggs with a pin, gradually enlarging the hole to make it half shell as shown in the picture. With colorful watercolors we paint each shell without breaking it with different colors. We carefully place Tealight candles into the egg shells. We also place the egg shells in your arm.

Egg-shell is made-from-candle-how

And from the colorful decorative egg shell you are ready to be burned. If you have such good ideas, do not forget to share with us and recommend us to your friends.

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