Baby Blanket With New Crotch Models


The blanket we gave is an example of a round motif crochet. With the same technique you can also enjoy other blankets in the gallery.

A very nice and easy baby blanket model that will keep your baby warm during winter days.

MATERIALS: Number 8 Crochet, White, Light Pink, Dark Pink, Green, gray yarns.

CONSTRUCTION : With green yarn 10 Chain pull and create a ring.

Twelve holes in the ring.

Take the dark pink rope and dip it in the chain spaces twice.

Let’s put on our light pink thread. Let’s dip it three times now.

Take the gray rope and pull the chains one row and five times to the spaces.

Let’s put on a dark pink rope again and make 4 fill 1 fish back, total 6 fish back 6 fill.

Let’s finish our motif in this way. Let’s prepare motifs by changing colors.

I can add them to the blanket and put them on the edges.

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